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Irene Pool

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Irene Pool is oprichtster van  “The Sound Of Silence“
Ze heeft zich gespecialiseerd in Klankhealing en healing op Zielsniveau.


Ruim 28 jaar ervaring!


Als Klanktherapeute en Tao Coach heeft ze al vele mensen mogen begeleiden en her-verbinden met hun ware natuur.
Haar passie is om samen met jou, verstoringen aan te pakken op kernniveau, een luisterend oor te zijn voor al je levensperikelen en -vragen en samen een behandelplan overeen te komen.
De zielsknopen te ontwarren en weer helderheid te krijgen wat het doel is van jouw Zielenreis hier op aarde.

Irene is een gecertificeerd master practitioner en soulhealer van de Tao Academy.
Ze werkt ook al ruim 18 jaar in de zorg sector, met klanksessies voor zowel bewoners als begeleiders. Ze heeft een praktijk aan huis en werkt verder door het hele land en online.


  • Therapeutische klank- & soulhealing sessies.

  • Ontspannende, opladende klanksessies.

  • Dag workshops klankhealing op maat, 1 op 1.

  • Klankhealing lig-concerten ( ook op aanvraag )

  • Klanksessies in de zorg sector.

  • Tao Coaching voor bewuste jonge ondernemers.

  • Readings bij levensvragen.

  • Consultaties voor klachten op het gebied van ziel, hart, geest, lichaam, relaties en meer.

  • Diverse workshops en trainingen en online sessies.


Alles is frequentie en vibratie in beweging

Irene oostende presentatrice
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sound healing
Sound and people with disabilities
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Open door day Jan
Girls class all colors at Tao center BE.
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Irene Pool


Part of my Sound Journey started by co- creating together with some dear friends, in the  80’s, the Dreamtime Healing Circle Holland, a platform of young researchers, doctors, healers and musicians, exploring the different qualities of Sound Healing.

Dreamtime Healing concerts were born and were given all over Holland and abroad.
Sound Healing concerts have grown and uplifted in frequency, along with the times of change and have been a continuous factor in my life.

A Sound Healing concert is a gathering where participants comfortably laying on mats are experiencing a unique “Soundbath “. Ethnic instruments from all over the world are played by experienced soundhealers that move around, they also use voice vibrations, overtones, Soul Song and Healing hands.

Creating a Field of harmonic frequencies and vibrations with the right intention, allows participants to experience a form of insight revelation, healing, deep relaxation, reduction of stress and overall wellbeing. Soundhealing as a holistic form, has slowly over the years become more and more accepted and founded by the scientific world. Which has lead to a broader appliance within for instance healthcare, and oncological therapies 

After some time, I set up my own company called “The Sound of Silence “. Apart from organizing  soundhealing concerts, I also run a private practice at home, I organize sound experience projects at schools for special-needs children, and use soundhealingexperience for business trainings. Over the years I have developed a special way of working with sound sessions for disabled and autistic people of all ages.​ After more than 18 years of researching the power of sound, it has translated into various events and activities live and online.

My life’s  passion is to serve, I consider myself a Universal being, not limited to any country, tradition or color.
Already from a young age I knew that there was a specific soul task destined for me. 

I am aware of the current Mother earths transition and how I was prepared through all my life experiences to be able to be here again at this unique moment in time. To be a warrior of the light with an unshakable heart to serve all humanity, mother earth and all souls.

In this life I am reconnected with many different disciplines and studies related to alternative medicine ; Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Sound Healing, different massage techniques and therapeutic courses,  I also studied shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and Art.  I am deeply honored to be a Certified Master Teacher and Healer from the Tao Academy, a Tao Calligraphy Healer practitioner, a Tao Dance Tao Song practitioner, a Guan Yin Lineage Holder, a Tao Hands Soul Healer and Akashic record Reader. A channel between heaven and earth, bringing heaven to earth.

I came to a point where I felt it was time to go beyond any of the older traditions and religions, and I consciously cleared away all related paraphernalia, and said to heaven what’s next ? “I am prepared to take the next step and go for the highest potential in this life ….. “​ That is when Master Sha came into my life; a true Universal, Grand Humanitarian Master, who’s live is to serve all souls and uplift them out of the wheel of human suffering. He is a Tao Calligraphy Grand Master Healer and Teacher, founder of the Tao academy and so much more


The first time I saw Master Sha was on the website, I saw his picture and heard him singing, at that moment my heart flew open, tears were rolling and there was an immediate soul recognition. Since that time when I met him for the first time in Holland giving a lecture in November 2008, the greatest journey of blessings, wisdom, growth and transformation started. This isthe greatest miracle in my life so far.

To be able to receive such huge soul upliftment’s, cleansings and transformations in such a condensed time is a unique opportunity,  I am honored to be a servant, a channel between heaven and earth, bringing heaven to earth.

My 25 years of Sound Healing experience and coaching is combined in many of my teachings, Zoom sessions, workshops and Soul healing and Reading sessions.

We can make a difference together, we can create Soul healing miracles, we can live an abundant, happy and healthy live. We are the ones, we have been waiting for, together we rebuilt the new world.


We are ONE.

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