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I am honoured to be a channel of frequencies and sharing them as a sound healer for over twenty years now.

"The Sound of Silence “ as a name, came to me during a powerful thunderstorm.

A flash of lightening at the right moment started of my journey and research into the Soul of Sound while listening to its Silence  ..............

This wonderful journey has been constantly evolving and unfolding.

It’s like being a cosmic storyteller through my instruments, voice, eyes and hands


The whole world is thought up, vibrating in universal sound frequencies.

Everyone and everything is frequency in motion, one more dense than the other.

Sound is frequency and vibration in permanent motion.

Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness.

We are consciousness expressed through form. 


Sound healing is most effective when you send right intentions by carrier waves for healing, rejuvenation and for reminding our self restoring capacities to reset themselves, for reminding the cells to expand and contract to reassure the flow of energy  throughout the body and to call home alien cells that got the wrong message and join them as one again.

Right intentions are guided by the heart and not by the brain!

Everything we think, say or do, is a message and has an effect on ourselves, the cells and our environment, we are all connected, We are all One. What messages are you sending? 


The Sound of Silence gives concerts and sound workshops in Holland, Belgium and abroad .The circle forms itself around a particular happening or festival and chooses the amount of players accordingly.

The concept of a SOUND OF SILENCE healing concert is that the participants are invited to experience the effects of SOUNDHEALING while laying comfortably on mats on the floor. 

Of course there are also other formulas possible.

Different ethnic instruments from all over the world are being played around and on the people laying down, such as: Tibetan singing bowls, Australian didjeridoo’s, Chinese gongs, Shamanic drums, a great variety of percussion instruments, Indian chimes, rain sticks and vibrations made by voice such as overtones and soul song.

The fascination for these unique instruments is encouraging an interest in transcending cultural differences and helping to break down cultural and religious barriers and mindsets.

It’s about celebrating our differences, transformation through celebration !

The vibrations from different instruments played in an inspirational way combined with intention, helps to expand our consciousness, and bring a deep form of relaxation and healing. 

One will be immersed into an ocean of sound waves,


This Universal bath of vibrations makes it a unique and direct experience for Soul, Heart, Mind and Body.

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